Rumors: iPhone 5S to be Released in the First Quarter of

It has not been long since the new Apple iPhone 5 took the market by storm. However, rumors of another release by Apple, of the iPhone 5S, are already rife. This new smartphone is allegedly going to be Apple’s response to the much talked about Google Nexus 4 which is a high end smartphone that is more than affordable. There have been several problems that Apple has encountered in the manufacture of iPhone 5, this is being considered as one of the reasons for the company pushing for the certification of its new iPhone 5S.

The new phone would in all probability look the same as iPhone 5. This new device, if the rumors are to be believed, will hit the markets by March next year. These rumors have originated from the Chinese Commercial Times, which is a news outlet. While the authenticity of this hearsay is definitely suspect, there are also talks that the launch of Apple iPhone 5S would also see the unveiling of a couple of other devices.

Apple is diversifying its markets as it plans the launch of the new iTV and a fifth generation iPad tablet. These releases are also rumored for the beginning of . iPhone 5 smartphone started with a bang and was the market leader, however there were constant production problems. These caused the demand to be much greater than the supply, which, in turn, allowed the new Samsung Galaxy S3 to take the lead.

iPhone 5S is allegedly going to have a number of hardware components that could not be included in the iPhone 5 due to production and time constraints.


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  • AOccusyJerse

    This would upset so many iPhone 5 purchasers and Also put a question into iPhone 4/4S purchasers on how long their device will be supported.

    Will Apple move to a 2 phones a year model? what does that do to the ROI on R&D?
    if I was an Apple investor this would put some fear in me, I wouldn’t sell off yet, but I’d be watching this. it wont be good for Apple if they had a flop launch.

  • AaronJ

    Wow, I don’t think anyone saw this move happening. It’s almost like they purposely withheld some technology from their flagship device, just so people would re-buy it all over again and get the few missing things they were after.


  • infinitespecter

    hope it will be released by the end of the year ….