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Smartphone cameras step closer to high-end power

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When it comes to mobile devices, camera quality is very important. Best smartphone cameras were shown at MWC in Barcelona.

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Sony showcases phone with ultra-HD video recording

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Sony Xperia Z2 is the latest flagship smartphone from the Japanese giant. The phone has amazing specs, can record 4K video.

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Best iPhone Bluetooth Headsets and iPhone Add-ons Listed. Order Best Buy iPhone Accessories

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Enjoy all benefits of using Bluetooth wireless mounts and other iPhone add-ons. Buy Best Buy iPhone accessories online!

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ASUS Budget Smartphones Compared: ZenFone 4 vs ZenFone 5 vs ZenFone 6 Price and Specs

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ASUS Budget smartphones are to run Android 4.3, be rather powerful and light. Compare ZenFone 4 vs ZenFone 5 vs ZenFone 6 price and specs.

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Sony to sell waterproof phone through T-Mobile

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Sony unveiled its latest flagship Sony Xperia Z1s at CES . The device, known as the Xperia Z1 in the world, will be available through T-Mobile.

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First LCD and E-Ink Display Phone Russian YotaPhone Release Set for Q1

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Yota Devices has set its first LCD and e-ink display phone YotaPhone release for Q1 . Russian YotaPhone already available for pre-order.

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Rotating Camera Smartphone Oppo N1 December Release Now Official

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Oppo 1080p smartphone Dec. 10 launch is official. Check out the rotating camera smartphone Oppo N1 specs and and CyanogenMod features.

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Ex-Nokia engineers launch new smartphone

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Jolla, a Finnish company created by laid off engineers of Nokia, has released Jolla phone, a powerful smartphone that runs on MeeGo’s Sailfish OS.

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Cheap Motorola smartphone available in US early

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Motorola has launched its cheap Moto G smartphone in the United States a month earlier than expected. The device costs only $179.

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Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia X1 mini Compared in the Latest Xperia Z1s Leak Images

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With Xperia Z1s released date set for Q1 , the device has once again appeared in a leak. Take a look atXperia Z1s leak images opposed to Xperia Z1.

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