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Sony Xperia Z Ultra Release Date on UK Carriers, Pricing, Pros & Cons

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This day has come! Sony Xperia Z Ultra release dates on Three UK and O2 have been announced. Find out Xperia Z Ultra pricing, availability, pros and cons.

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O2 UK Announces August 29 4G Switch-on, in Time for the Next iPhone

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Following EE’s latest 4G offering, O2 prepares its own 4G LTE launch, which will initially switch in London, Leeds and Bradford only.

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Meet the Internet’s Latest Cat Sensation

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O2 is getting ready for its 4G launch and releases a stunning Be More Dog add campaign. See videos that highlight Booker and Co. ideas.

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Telefonica Selling 02 Ireland to Irish Rival

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Telefonica is to create a larger rival to Vodafone in the Irelish cellfone market, selling O2 Irelaland to Hutchison Whampoa for $1.1 billion.

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O2 Customers Losing Access to BT Wifi Hotspots from July 1

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The four-year O2-BT Openzone partnership comes to an end. Starting from July 1, O2 will have its own network of O2 Wifi hotspots.

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O2 Offers New Refresh Tariff

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The UK mobile industry seems to have a number of significant issues. The thing is that network operators fail to provide people with upfront cost of smartphones, which is paired with really long and expensive contracts. Thus, the “free of charge” phones are becoming a cornerstone of this industry in the country. However, the new O2 Refresh tariff will be able to become a possible solution of this problem. A representative of the company has made a statement that it will be a tariff, which will make contracts a lot more transparent.

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O2 Has Technical Glitch, Hundreds of Mobile Phone Calls Overheard

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On the 13th of February, O2 announced that the mobile carrier had a serious systems glitch and recommended its users to abstain from discussing private things until the problem solved. Meanwhile, hundreds of O2 users reported that their mobile phone calls had been listened to by strangers.

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O2 Financial Report for Q3

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O2 has added 206,000 new contract customers in the last three months. Despite this impressive increase in client base, the company showed a more than 5 % decline in its revenue. The revenue declined by 5.3 % in comparison with the previous quarter and by 5.4 % as compared with 2011. The number of contract customers added in the quarter saw a 127 % increase on a year on year basis. The first nine months of also saw a decent increase in contract customers as the company added 679000 clients which was an increase of 155 % in comparison with the last year.

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O2 Will Rise non-EU Tariffs

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According to recent information, O2 is going to increase non-EU mobile tariffs by 130 percent. US and Canadian callers will need to pay 1,10 pounds instead of 90p for a minute, incoming calls prices will rise from 39 to 90p. More than 18 million O2 customers from the UK will face this inconvenience from November, 28. Those who go to another continent for holidays will have to pay 40p instead of 25p for text messages, which is a 60 percent increase. In comparison to this, inner European tariffs fell in July, . A minute of voice communication costs 24p now and text messages are sent for 7p.

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O2 to Retail Google Nexus 4 Exclusively

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O2 is reported to have signed the deal with Google to sell its Google Nexus 4 in O2’s retail stores exclusively. The carrier will have a head start over its rivals.

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