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Hot Surfer Model Alana Blanchard Commercial for T-Mobile Xperia Z

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Alana Blanchard commercial for T-Mobile Xperia Z will win hearts of millions. Check out supermodels in bikini testing Sony dustproof phone.

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T-Mobile Gains Key Customers for 1st Time in Years

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T-Mobile shows record high Q2 earnings, part of the boost came after the carrier atarted selling Apple’s iPhone.

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T-Mobile Planning to Roll out 2x10MHz LTE Channels to 90 Percent of Top 25 Markets by End of

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After expanding its 4G LTE coverage to a total of 116 markets, T-Mobile reveals another LTE upgrade which now deals with speed.

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T-Mobile to Allow Frequent Phone Upgrades for Fee

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With T-Mobile Jump plan you should worry no more about buying a new phone, only to see a better one come out two weeks later.

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T-Mobile Moving to “Phase 2″ to Its UNcarrier Effort in July

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T-Mobile to roll out phase 2 of its UNcarrier approach in July. Let’s see what it’ll bring!

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Lumia 925 Review

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Nokia, in cooperation with T-Mobile, presents its new smartphone Lumia 925 in a new aluminum finish.

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T-Mobile Files Appeal against Austrian Telecom Merger

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Displeased with a proposed telecom merger, T-Mobile Austria has filed an appeal in court over what it fears could give an undue advantage to its rivals. The main problem at hand has to do with planned allocation of radio frequencies to the new company to emerge when Hutchison Whampoa take over Orange Austria.

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T-Mobile Has Made Its iPhone Data Network Friendly

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T-Mobile has finally found a really good way to tease Apple fans, so they will never pass by. This summer the carrier activated its HSPA+ network in the bands compatible with iPhone at several cell sites and it was announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference held at San Francisco’s Moscone West. There’s no doubt that iPhone owners with a T-Mobile SIM card were shocked to discover that their poor 2G data speeds suddenly achieved 4G levels, however that only worked out in certain areas.

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T-Mobile to Sell Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Samsung, one of the leaders of the smartphone market, and T-Mobile have announced that Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note II, will be sold in T-Mobile stores this fall. Although a specific date is not known, some sources have leaked that Galaxy Note II will hit the shelves on October 24th. The price of Samsung’s new flagship model has not been reported. T-Mobile is proud to present Samsung’s most powerful phablet on the U.S. market. Here are the specifications in detail.

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T-Mobile Proves a Really Unlimited Plan Is Possible

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The world’s fourth largest mobile carrier, T-Mobile, doesn’t offer for sale one of the high-demanded smartphone in the world that millions of customers are clamoring – iPhone. So, the only way to be competitive is to be creative. T-Mobile announced that it was going to release new, unlimited data plan on September 5. The new plan promises to provide customers with unlimited voice calling, texting and data-sharing for $69.99 and will run to $89.99 every month, depending on whether users will choose a subsidized phone.

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