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How to Easily Encrypt External Drives in OS X Mountain Lion

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Want to encrypt your data but don’t know how to do that? Follow our easy guide and manage this issue with no difficulty.

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Mac Suffers More from Malicious Code

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Malicious code has always been a serious threat; the recent happenings with massive hacks against corporate giants have shown that even major IT industry players cannot be 100 percent safe from such cyber-attacks. As Apple faces some serious security issues, Kaspersky welcomes it in the ‘Microsoft’s world’. The malicious software in Mac OS X is getting numerous and much more dangerous. In the security matters Apple is arguably falling a decade behind Microsoft.

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Future Improvements of Maps and Siri for Mac OS X 10.9

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Such popular applications as Siri and Maps will be improved for the upcoming Mac OS X 10.9.

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RIM Organizes a Series of BlackBerry Developer Events

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RIM has announced a new series of BlackBerry developer events based on its user-base for the purpose to help enterprises and other organizations in building apps for BlackBerry 10. The BB10 Jam World Tour will start in Toronto, on October 23, and end in Chicago, on November 28, covering 11 cities all over the world.

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The New Macbook Pro Review

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Apple has recently announced their new 15-inch MacBook Pro, designed by Jonathan Ive, it is said to be a work of art that appeals to the heart and not the head. A good gadget inspires people to better work, and Apple’s Retina Display having Macbook is expected to inspire users the most. Even before it is on the market, Apple executives are saying that it might be the best Mac Apple has ever designed.

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New Version of Tubmlr Arrived

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Probably one of the most practical applications by iOS that was so greatly anticipated by all the Apple fans is now available new Tumblr 3.0 is going to please the most skeptical critique with its amazing new features and speed.

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Reading Rainbow Available on iPads

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RRKidz, a startup created by the former producer of Reading Rainbow Mark Wolfe and its host, LeVar Burton presented an application for iPad which is the revival of their TV program. With its help kids can read the books and look through the fiction-related content with the help of their tablets.

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