Prestigio Multiphone 4500Duo Review

Dual-SIM phones have always been something quite asked for. For those who do a lot of travelling and keep several SIMs, but do not want to carry around the burden of several phones, – they are just the right thing. Some like to differentiate working and personal SIMs, which is also sensible enough. In the UK, however, dual-SIM phones are quite rare for some reason.

The Prestigio has to be given a credit for being quite well-designed and convenient. Too often dual-SIM smartphones are of average design and poor build quality. That’s not the case with Prestigio’s Multiphone 4500 Duo.

With interesting design and high build quality, the smartphone is finished in pleasant white. That alone makes it quite fresh and good-looking given the abundance of faceless black boxes out there on the smartphone shelves. With a price tag of £180, the Prestigio Multiphone 4500Duo fits beautifully into the mid-range region, even though the price is a bit close to the low-end.

The three buttons on the face of the device look and work well, too. They are much more comfortable than the on-screen ones and do not overload the interface with too many unnecessary controls. The headphone jack is on the top of the device, the back has nothing but the camera and flash.

For a dual-SIM smartphone the phone is relatively small; and the users of micro-SIMs have to be careful with the converters, which can destroy the contacts inside the slot. The slots are labeled WCDMA and GSM but the names can be changed easily.

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  • Luca

    i LOVE Prestigio devices! they are not as expensive as other smartphones and offer the same bunch of features…. so why pay more