Rumors: iPhone 5S to be Released in the First Quarter of

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It has not been long since the new Apple iPhone 5 took the market by storm. However, rumors of another release by Apple, of the iPhone 5S, are already rife. This new smartphone is allegedly going to be Apple’s response to the much talked about Google Nexus 4 which is a high end smartphone that is more than affordable. There have been several problems that Apple has encountered in the manufacture of iPhone 5, this is being considered as one of the reasons for the company pushing for the certification of its new iPhone 5S.

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iPad Mini Is Indistinguishable from Regular iPad When Displaying Web Content

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Apple stated that the new iPad mini would provide the exact same experience that the original iPad did; and as things seem to unfold, Apple is certainly standing by the statement. The company makes it impossible for developers to find out if a page is being accessed by an iPad mini or an iPad. Traditionally, developers would like to find out exactly what device is accessing their page so that they can adjust the website accordingly.

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Microsoft and Motorola: Patent Trial Again

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The two technology giants, Microsoft and Motorola, met at the federal court on November 13, trying to sort out the royalty that the software giant would need to pay to the wireless technology company in order to use its certain patents. These patents are termed as standard essential patents or SEPs and are mandatory for streaming of videos and wireless. The judge tried to come to a satisfactory consensus between the two companies, however, as this could not happen the trial was scheduled for Tuesday. The result should be declared sometime in the beginning of the next year.

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Grey Market Apple Devices Were Caught at Hong Kong Border

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MIC Gadget reported that on the 13th of November a truck with 227 iPhone 5s and 22 iPads was detained when it tried to smuggle the devices into China. It caused a juicy scandal in the country. The iPhone 5 is very popular on the grey market, therefore Hong Kong stocks up Apple gadgets to resell them in China. 

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Top end specs and a low price tag spells success for the new Nexus

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The new Google Nexus 4 has made landfall in the UK with the Playstore being depleted nearly instantly by a crowd of eager buyers.

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