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Make More Space Updated for HTC Windows Phone 8 Devices


Make More Space is an HTC Windows Phone 8 exclusive that helps HTC owners manage phone storage. The update to version 1.4 gives the app a little more functionality by letting you see a break down of how much space each app or game takes up.

Make More Space will display where your storage is allocated between music/videos, pictures, documents, and apps. You also will see how much free space you have left on your HTC Windows Phone.


To clean up music, video and document files you can jump from Make More Space to your Pictures Hub, Music + Videos Hub or Office to delete them. With applications, if you tap on the apps listing Make More Space will list all your installed apps and the amount of storage each requires.

You can’t uninstall apps directly from Make More Storage. You’ll still need to go to the app listing and uninstall. Much the way you do with Nokia’s Storage Check.

Make More Space is a free app for the HTC Windows Phone 8 devices and you can find it here in the HTC Apps section of the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Windows Phone Central

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3 comments on “Make More Space Updated for HTC Windows Phone 8 Devices
  1. JimDreamworx says:

    wish Samsung launched a similar app for the Galaxy line, it would come in handy .. indeed

  2. Investment says:

    doubt this app is worth downloading

  3. Kolchak says:

    basically this app is still pretty useless. Looks like I won’t be installing it again

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