Nokia’s Plans for the Future

Communications Corporation Nokia has recently not been doing very well. Many experts call its situation a major collapse. Finnish company was a great powerhouse of communication industry about five years ago; then Apple came up with its iPhone, which was the ‘killer’ of Nokia’s well-being. After the ‘fruit company’ introduced its legendary device, Nokia’s market value dropped whooping 90 percent. The situation is getting even worse, as Nokia is going to fire 10000 employees in the nearest time.

The Finnish corporation appears to be extruded away from the market, as it failed to catch the main trend: cell-phone market is becoming ‘platform’ market. Smartphones have become just carriers of third-party software built for them. Now, this market is dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android.

Finally realizing that, Nokia teamed up with Microsoft, landing its Windows 8 on its high-end devices. Microsoft’s mobile platform is what the company bets its future on. So, Nokia’s problems are now ‘borrowed’ by Microsoft.

However, there are optimists for Nokia’s future. They insist that the current implosion of the company is actually a transition. Such transfers are not new to corporate world. World’s No.3 mobile industry powerhouse has recently accelerated its IP monetization and placed a stake on intellectual property. That’s Nokia’s second most important undertaking after cooperating with Microsoft. Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 900 smartphones will in many ways show how the company copes with its hardship.

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