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Jelly Bean Bluetooth Flaw Confirmed by Google

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After loads of customer and users complaint about a possible bug in the Bluetooth feature of Android 4.2, Google has finally given an official announcement. The search giant spokesperson claims that the company has acknowledged that there is a flaw with the latest Android version but that it has been found and eradicated. The spokesperson further said that a new version of Android 4.2 containing the fix is on its way and will be released to users very soon.

The problem is mostly affecting audio streaming through Bluetooth. Users have reported that they are experiencing a lag in loading and frequent audio dropouts. The issue is serious since currently it is almost impossible to stream any audio through the Bluetooth. Thankfully the problem has not affected many people since Android 4.2 has not yet been released in many devices. It is currently found in Nexus 7 and 10 tablets and the Nexus 4 Smartphone. Google, however, has to quickly fix the problem or it stands losing customers even for future devices.


According to technical experts, the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) is the one carrying the bug causing the frequent audio drop outs and streaming lags. Google has said that the problem has been found and fixed and promised that the next version of Android 4.2; Android 4.2.2 will have the fix and will not exhibit the same problem as the current version. Though no definite timescale has been provided by Google for the release of Android 4.2.2 it is expected that the company will rush to get it released. Apart from the Bluetooth glitch, Android 4.2 retains its high tech features and one small issue will most probably not change the preferences of many of its lovers.

Update: Google official response

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3 comments on “Jelly Bean Bluetooth Flaw Confirmed by Google
  1. Clean says:

    when I’m turning on bluetooth it sticks up . it just sat there stucked and the only solution is to reboot the phone! Annoying…

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  2. kotatsu says:

    I am thinking of going back to the previous Google version

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  3. blackbird_1.0 says:

    I haven’t updated to Jelly Bean yet, so I can’t say but that fatal flaw needs to be fixed!!!

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