The Revamped Version of the One X+

The revamped version of the One X is very similar to its close relative the HTC One X. Certainly, the One X was highly appreciated by a number of users due to its numerous strong sides, it has been even included into the list of 20 best smartphones in the whole world, being on the second place, straight after Samsung Galaxy S3. Thus, the One X+ has been significantly improved in order to become the best one.

The handset has the same great minimalist design as the One X, with only a few changes, which are the Beats Audio logo and the red highlights located on the back camera and touch keys under the screen. The smartphone can boast its 720p 4.7in Super LCD 2 display.

The front camera has also been improved and the new handset features a 1.6MP camera and an 8MB rear camera having a Led flash. The smartphone will also suit all need of highly demanding media lovers with its whopping 64GB of internal memory. However, one of the drawbacks of the handset is the lack of expandable storage as there is no microSD slot. The smartphone’s battery life has been improved, and now it reaches 2,100mAh.

The HTC One+ is powered with the latest Jelly Bean version – Android 4.2.2. As for another great improvement, all consumers will surely appreciate the easy to use Sense 4+ interface, which will allow integrating with new features of Jelly Bean. Its interface is really convenient and attractive, which makes the handset one of the best devices available at the moment. All in all, this is a great smartphone deserving one of the top places among present-day best devices. The HTC One+ offers a more powerful and smoother experience.

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