Top HTC Phones Celebrities Use

Have you ever thought which phone your idol uses? Of course, we all know that many of them prefer iPhones (Justin Bieber iPhone 5) either because that looks more prestigious or just to show off. Still, the iPhone is not the only gadget available on the market now. Android-powered smartphones are gaining popularity and even leave the iDevice lagging far behind (I’m now talking about the present moment, no one knows what will change after new iOS devices are finally launched).

Best HTC Phones Celebrities Use

I decided to check which celebrities are using HTC products and here is what I’ve found.

Let me start with Robert Downey Jr. who has signed a contract with HTC and participates in the latest commercial. Now we may definitely claim the HTC One Max is the perfect Iron Man smartphone.

HTC One X: Rihanna Smartphone. Remember how she gave her custom HTC One X phone with the “R” logo on the rear to one of the fans during the “777” tour? Oh, that was amazing.

HTC EVO: Paris Hilton cellphone. Next comes Paris Hilton holding the HTC Evo phone at the Radio Shack Pop up Lounge, LA.

Paris was not the only star spotted in LA that night, Aaron Carter also tried how the HTC phone works on his own, and here is how it looked like. Basically, anyone present at the event that night could see which HTC phones celebrities use.

David Arquette also took a picture with the HTC Evo that night.

Race 2 actress Jacqueline Fernandez is also a big HTC One fan. She was spotted holding the devive at the launch party.

Maybe you know more celebrities using HTV phones? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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