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Luxury iPad Cases Discounts, Specs, Reviews

Do you love your iPad? So do I. But I can hardly imagine what would have happened to me if it fell on the floor, got scratched, whatever. I need to feel safe for it in any situation. That is when iPad cases come in handy. They will protect your iDevice from falling on the kitchen floor, slipping into a drawer, falling into the water, etc.

I am such a big fan of luxury iPad cases that I can hardly recollect how many of them my tablet has tried on. I am always looking for the online best deals to get discounts and free ship on new products and recently I have come up with one site that offers good discounts on top iPad cases. Graphicimage.com has a wide choice of iPad leather accessories, so I am certain you will find something for yourself.

I’d like to offer you a brief list of the top iPad cases I’ve chosen for myself.

1. is available in a variety of colors, so you are free to personalize it.

2. I’ve also come up with iPad sleeve sale, so I cannot help sharing it with you as well. Graphicimage.com offers leather universal tablet sleeves in a variety of colors, so you may choose any you wish. Here is the one I liked most of all. will fit all generations of iPad and you may choose from orange, lime, pink and turquoise colors.

3. I’ve always wanted to get an Embossed Python iPad case but they are too expensive for me … Luckily I’ve come up with online best deals at graphicimage.com. They offer good discounts on which is now available for $68 only!

And is retailing for $55, isn’t it a miracle?

So, how do you feel about these cases? Don’t they look amazing? I hope my brief chart helped you choose the best offer for yourself in this huge variety of luxury iPad cases.

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4 comments on “Luxury iPad Cases Discounts, Specs, Reviews
  1. kotatsu says:

    heard a lot about discounts Graphicimage.com offers! I’ve already ordered the mint iPad case for $55 (that’s not a trick, people!) and waiting for it to arrive any day! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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  2. Hudson1 says:

    still not ready to pay $139.00 for a case … though, a $55 mint iPad case is a good deal

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  3. Luca says:

    I want ALL of them!!! but I should assume that the third Mint Case is the best choice for me as well

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  4. Cobra says:

    nice chart, I will definitely choose one for my collection of iPad cases

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