Most Secure Mobile Device QSAlpha Quasar IV Specs. Key Advantages of the Quasar IV [Video]

American company QSAlpha is currently working on its new handset running Android OS – the Quasar IV, which is claimed to be the most secure mobile device of its kind. According to its developers, the Quasar IV production should be finished by Q2 and the general public will be able to put hands on the new release approximately in June .

Quasar IV Specs

QSAlpha Quasar IV is the most secure mobile device that will safeguard your digital identity with self-authenticated verification. But for this, the phone will come with a number of outstanding features. If you are a big fan of Android gadgets and take care of your digital security, then it’s worth waiting for this guy to be released. Getting back to the phone characteristics, the Quasar IV specs will include:

  • Display: 5-inch Full HD IGZO
  • CPU: quad-core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage: 64/128GB
  • Cameras: dual 13 MP rear cameras for advanced augmented reality apps + 8 MP
  • OS: Android
  • Connectivity: LTE, 3G, GSM
  • Security: advanced trusted-authentication technology Quatrix accompanied by the digital signature and key computation methodology

Over the past several years, Americans have lost millions of dollars to identify theft. About 73% have suffered from cybercrime and more than 17 million personal records were exposed to criminal activity. People deserve to get the most secure mobile device to feel safe for their cyber identity. According to its developers, QSAlpha Quasar IV is being specifically designed for those of us who are using mobile devices to handle e-commerce transactions, some correspondence, day-to-day banking or simply store some personal information.

Advantaged of the Quasar IV

With QSAlpha Quasar IV you may feel safe for your personal messages, emails, calls, apps, and what not. Among the key advantages of the Quasar IV we may highlight the following:

  • Secure OS. Although it’s been announced the handset would run Android OS, it won’t be a pure Android system we’ve got used to. The Quasar will run its own OS, which is a fusion of Android with Linux and the Quatrix encryption software.
  • With software development kit by QSAlpha software developers will be free to create secure apps.
  • Secure interactions with other Quasar IV users.

The Quasar IV boasts a super-encryption system Quatrix that automatically verifies the identity of other Quasar IV users before the information is sent. The hardware chip will encrypt your private identity key, making any unauthorized access to your personal data difficult.

Quasar IV Price

According to QSAlpha, the initial price of the 64GB Quasar IV will make up about $495, while the 128GB model will cost about $665. The price tags and the exact launch date information are still to be verified. We are anxiously waiting for QSAlpha to officially present the final product.

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  • DanielSW

    I actually want this phone with super-encryption system

  • Immanuel

    looks great but i think it’s a bit expensive for normal users