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Taking Underwater Photos with Best Waterproof Android Phone. Buy Sony Honami Z1 with Accessories

What makes the Sony Xperia Honami Z1 the best waterproof Android phone? Check out pros and cons of Xperia Z1 and buy Sony Honami online.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Fleksy App Available on App Store. See How Galaxy Gear Fleksy App Works

See how Galaxy Gear Fleksy app works in a video and check out how to install the Fleksy keyboard app on the smartwatch.

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Rotating Camera Pepsi Oppo N1 Limited Edition Availability Announced

Pepsi Oppo N1 limited edition to be available in Asian countries mostly. Check out where to order the Oppo N1 in US.

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Christmas SET Solution iPhone 6 Curve Concept Video Has Hit YouTube

Find out why Apple is to launch a curved display iPhone 6. See iPhone 6C features explained in Christmas SET Solution iPhone 6 Curve concept video.

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Promotional Huawei Honor 3C Video Leaked Ahead of Huawei Honor 3C Announcement

On December 16, all official Huawei Honor 3C features are to be revealed. Check out promotional Huawei Honor 3C video leak.

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