Android 4.4 Google Gem Nexus Smartwatch to Be Launched Instead of Motolola xWatch

We’ve already heard about Google’s plans to launch Nexus 5 as well as Nexus 10 tablets alongside the all-new Android 4.4 by the end of September. But today Android Police co-founder Artem Russakovskii has shared on his G+ account that we might expect the search giant to launch its own Nexus smartwatch in the nearest future. According to him, the wrist watch will be released on October 31st under the codename Gem, being actually a part of Google Nexus line.

I have several interesting rumors that I feel relatively confident about but either don’t have visual evidence or a second confirmation, so I’m going to keep them to G+.

I’ll post roughly a rumor a day until I run out.

Disclaimer: As with all rumors, nothing is 100% until it’s officially announced. None of this may end up being true, though I have a good level of confidence in the sources.

Rumor #2. Google will announce a Nexus watch, codenamed Gem, likely together with the KitKat announcement. The date I have, which, once again, is about a month old, is also October 31st.

Recently, we’ve heard that Google is planning to hold a press event on October 14th, when the Nexus 5 is to be announced. The device itself is to hit stores on October 30th. That would make sense to release Android 4.4 the next day as Google Nexus 5 will be the first device running the all-new Android version.

Back in summer, we heard that Google was planning to launch its new Nexus smartwatch – Motolola xWatch. So, maybe Google Gem is the rumored xWatch, but instead of Motorola branding it would be released under Nexus? Only time will show. As of now, we are anxiously waiting for the October 14th event when all Google plans are to be unveiled.

Google Gem Specs

Unfortunately, nothing is known about Google Gem specs, however we might guess it will have AMOLED display, support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, boast a camera, speaker/microphone, some on-board storage, etc.

And what do you expect Google to include into its smartwatch? How do you think, will it correct the mistakes of Samsung Galaxy Gear? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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  • Hudson1

    Nexus Gem is looking amazing in that pic. It should be powered by solar cell inside for long battery life and a bright direct sunlight display and all Google goodies.

  • Jo45

    If anyone can set the trend it’s Google. Adore their Nexus line and will likely purchase a smartwatch )