T-Mobile Proves a Really Unlimited Plan Is Possible

The world’s fourth largest mobile carrier, T-Mobile, doesn’t offer for sale one of the high-demanded smartphone in the world that millions of customers are clamoring – iPhone. So, the only way to be competitive is to be creative. T-Mobile announced that it was going to release new, unlimited data plan on September 5. The new plan promises to provide customers with unlimited voice calling, texting and data-sharing for $69.99 and will run to $89.99 every month, depending on whether users will choose a subsidized phone.

The advantage of this unlimited data plan is its really unlimited possibilities, without any additional terms. For example, T-Mobile’s largest competitors Verizon and AT&T offer “unlimited” data plan which just slowdowns the speed of data-sharing after the certain point of pent data was reached. Earlier, before T-Mobile’s statement, Sprint was the only carrier in the United stated that offered truly unlimited data plan that was quite convenient for data-hungry customers, especially for iPhone owners.

The idea of T-Mobile’s new data plan is to absolve their customers from worrying about data overage. Of course, the company won’t allow dimensionless data usage. According to the T-Mobile’s director of marketing the very heavy data users will be restrained by slower transfer speed, but he hopes that this sort of things will be quite occasional. If some of current T-Mobile customers would like to upgrade their data plan in order to get all unlimited possibilities they could do it just by adding $20 to their existing agreement. 

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