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Future Improvements of Maps and Siri for Mac OS X 10.9

9To5Mac, site of Apple news, claimed in November that Mac OS of new generation would include Maps and Siri applications, the most popular ones among Mac users. In addition to this, Apple constantly adds new positions to its Jobs page, which are closely connected with various improvements of Siri. For example, on January 24, the job for a Siri UI engineer was added. The company demanded a person who will be able to make the contents which happens in conversational view of Siri. The person also should be familiar with other Siri teams and Mac OS X in general. On the other hand, Apple didn’t mention if there should be any experience in iOS. There were also other job postings made by Apple, and they all were connected with Maps or Siri.

Apple will probably pay lots of attention to Mac OS X 10.9 as the company hopes to release it in July .

As for the Maps application released on September 19, , it wasn’t actually ready for that moment, so Tim Cook, Apple SEO, had to make an apology letter for such embarrassing situation. Nevertheless, this time Eddy Cue is taking care of Siri and Maps. As he is a real guru in the questions of software, it is expected that he will do everything to make this two applications work perfectly. Maps are going to be something similar to Google Earth and will soon appear on Mac.

Siri is one of helpful applications which is activated with your voice. You simply need to dictate a letter or a message, and Siri will do everything for you, even will launch other applications. Unfortunately, it has some negative sides. For example, it works only if has constant access to the Internet. On the other hand, it can perform Dictation which is very useful and synchronizes with various applications in iCloud.

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