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China Welcomes the iPhone 5 Launch with Open Arms

China has welcomed the iPhone with open arms. iPhone 5, which was launched in China on Friday, December 14, sold more than 2 million handsets within the first weekend. These are record numbers for the company, which have helped ease the concerns over the falling stocks and the general outlook of the tech giant. On the day of the launch 

What Are Apple’s Prospects?

Analyst Horace Dediu speaking about Apple’s future claim that in a current situation the only concern for Apple is whether they are going to come up with a new device and kill the iPhone industry....

Siri Is Ignored by the Majority of iPhone Owners

At first, Siri was regarded as a useful innovative application when it was included into the iPhone 4S, but now its popularity has largely reduced among iPhone owners. Nick Bilton, the New York Times columnist, said that although the voice assistant had attracted many people at the beginning, it had failed to provide the appropriate information. He also mentioned that 

Google Now – Another Response to Siri

There has been numerous reviews over the Internet with comparisons between Samsung S Voice and Apple Siri. For those not concerned much with the topic – these are the voice assistants that can be installed on certain operation systems. Samsung S Voice is the Siri-based version only available for the owners of Samsung phones whose operating system is Android 4.0. ...

Samsung S Voice Loses the Battle?

The contemporary rivalry between the major companies like Apple and Samsung at the hardware market is very obvious. Having pretty much the same marketing zones and similar quality of manufactured items, these companies make gigantic efforts to win in the race we are facing. Apple has made a giant step forward in the broadening of marketing zones by increasing the