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Fieldrunners 2 Review for Android

Fieldrunners2 is a Strategic-Action-Puzzle-Defense that is really fun to play and addicting.  You have to defend your world from these invaders by building protective weapons. You can set an explosive trap or call in airstrikes to hit the enemy. There are more than 20 level areas, like driest of desert, sparkling cities, grassiest fields, and volcano lair. You can test your mind as well by doing this new gameplay in Time trial, Puzzle, and Sudden Death levels.

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HTC One Mobile Review

The HTC One mobile review, offers to check out some specifications of this top-end smartphone. This device can compete with any modern high-end smartphone.

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Review of Sony Xperia Z

Sony has made numerous forays in the smartphone market, but none of the phones packed quite as much punch as the new Sony Xperia Z. The 5 inch display handset is definitely huge, just shy of a tablet dimensions. However, despite the huge size it does not weigh too much at 149g.

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Review of Huawei Ascend P2

Mobile World Congress which has kicked off in Barcelona is bound to get us some really cool new gadgets. One such unveiling happened today with Huawei showing off its new Ascend P2 smartphone which is allegedly the fastest 4G smartphone that there is. The phone has a LTE Cat 4 modem which can in theory support downloads at the rate of 150Mbps. Whether you would find a network which supports that kind of speed is a different issue altogether. Orange France is one network which has alleged its capability of supporting such high downloads.

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Review of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung has tried to capitalize on the popularity of its Samsung Galaxy S3 series by coming up with a miniaturized version named Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini that looks similar to its big brother but in truth is a lot different. The new phone available for £270 is expected to pull in the younger market and make it more accessible to the common man. However, in truth there are other phones with the same price tag like the Google Nexus 4 and Sony Xperia S that offer much better specifications at least on paper.

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