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Review of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung has tried to capitalize on the popularity of its Samsung Galaxy S3 series by coming up with a miniaturized version named Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini that looks similar to its big brother but in truth is a lot different. The new phone available for £270 is expected to pull in the younger market and make it more accessible to 

Android 4.2.2 Jelly is Soon to Be Released, but Nexus 4 Already Has It

Google is soon to release Android 4.2.2 in several countries. There were reports that this Jelly Bean update is already operational in Brazil and Malaysia, though. Just to clarify the news, Google has not released any official announcement about Android 4.2.2 yet, so there were no exact details about it. However, people from the Android Community think that the update 

Nexus 4 Stock Supply in the US Runs out

Nexus 4 is one of the most popular smartphones to have been produced by Google. The latter became evident in the latest supply run outs the company was experiencing due to the extra high demand for the device, especially in the United States. Within minutes of its launch in mid-November, the available stock of the smartphones ran out. Ever since 

Google Nexus 4 Back on the Market, December 4

Google Nexus 4 is finally back in the Google inventory after it was sold out nearly 30 minutes after its first launch on November 13....

Google Nexus 4 Doesn’t Come Close to Samsung Galaxy S3

The fourth smartphone under the label Nexus, Google’s Nexus 4 comes as a slender handset featuring a 4.7in high-resolution display, a lot smaller compared to 7in and 10in displays sported by the Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10 tablets, respectively. It uses Jellybean 4.2, a new version of Android, and is backed by aquad-core chipset. Google’s previous smartphones were 

O2 to Retail Google Nexus 4 Exclusively

O2 is reported to have signed the deal with Google to sell its Google Nexus 4 in O2's retail stores exclusively. The carrier will have a head start over its rivals....