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Supertoy: A Teddy Bear That Talks Back

Meet Supertoy: a Kickstarter teddy bear that can talk to you like a human. Though a number of enhancements are still needed, you can grab one for $65 this holiday period already....

Review of WiFi Analyzer for Android

Wi-Fi problems are something that most smartphone users deal with on a daily basis. While most other computer problems can be solved with a little patience and diligence, this network dilemma often goes unanswered. A new Android app named WiFi Analyzer is a great way to take care of all your Wi-Fi problems....

Android Upgrades Zite App

Zite, the Android app, has recently announced changes that might lead to decreasing the number of devices it might be compatible with. A personalized tablet magazine Zite, that was previously available for both tablets and phones, informed that it won’t be working with devices with screens larger than 10 inches. The app developers also point that they made some modified