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An Ice-cream Application is Launched by Uber

Uber startup, which is famous for the booking service of private and exclusive cars in several U.S. cities, integrates a new function for their application Summon-a-Car. It will work temporarily and enables users of iPhones and Android mobile devices to order and get ice-cream as close as they want....

Reading Rainbow Available on iPads

RRKidz, a startup created by the former producer of Reading Rainbow Mark Wolfe and its host, LeVar Burton presented an application for iPad which is the revival of their TV program. With its help kids can read the books and look through the fiction-related content with the help of their tablets....

Blackberry Getting Help to Learn the Trick How to Use iOS Apps

BlackBerry’s Playbook suddenly got way more attractive because of the ingenious guy with the nickname BusinessCat2000. Kevin Michaluk, the editor of CrackBerry was rather shocked to see that happen not on his site, specially made for this kind of things. He made his job and asked BusinessCat2000 to upload some more videos that are going to explain the basic mechanism