Google ASUS Nexus 10 Leaks: New Nexus 10 Release Date, Nexus 10 Price Rumors

Recently, all our attention was paid to rumors about the upcoming Nexus 5 release. However, there is one more tablet which is set to be released alongside with the latter. This time it’s ASUS-made Nexus 10. Looks like Google will switch from Samsung for its new release.

Initially the picture showing UK retailer PCWorld’s inventory system appeared on Twitter on September 18th. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the storage the device will boast, still we are already aware of the latest Nexus 10 price rumors.

Asus Nexus 10 Price Rumors, Specs

The photo leak was posted by one of the employees working for PC World UK. As you see, the picture doesn’t reveal much information about the next Nexus tablet, just the name “Google ASUS Nexus 10 and the price tag of 349. Taking into consideration that the leak comes from the UK, the approximate ASUS Nexus 10 price tag will make up $563.

Following the pricing scheme set by Google when the original Nexus 10 was launched, the cost listed above might be for the 32GB model. As a reminder, the 16GB version of the original Nexus 10 made up £319 while the 32GB one cost £389.

Not much is known about the tablet’s specifications as of yet. Google is expected to officially announce the device next month already. That is when the full spec list is to be announced. All that we know at the present is that the tablet might run the much-talked-of Android 4.4 KitKat, it might be based on Transformer Infinity and come with optional ASUS keyboard docking station.

Back in August it was announced that the updated Nexus 10 would start selling via Best Buy as well as Google Play in the US. Though new Nexus 10 release date has not been unveiled yet, Best Buy is getting ready for the upcoming release already. The picture below proves the tablet will boast 16GB of storage at least as well as support Wi-Fi connection.

Via: @Rage06

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