Motorola Starts Retailing New Moto X Accessories and Cases

Ahead of the Moto X official launch, Motorola has started selling a number of Moto X accessories and cases. The company has teamed up with Power Support, Griffin and Incase to produce docks, screen protectors and cases for the upcoming device. Below you may see ImSoMobile chart of the top Moto X accessories and cases.

Moto X Accessories and Cases

Moto X Accessories. The desktop dock for the Moto X is first on the list. The PowerDock Griffin (see the image above) comes with a base with Micro USB plug for charging the phone and cradle in the back for holding the device. You can order the accessory for $39.95 directly from Motorola.

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Another Griffin offer is the Navigation Dock ($39.95). When sticking your Moto X in it, the dock automatically activates the Car Mode for hands-free use. The dock can be used both when the phone is in case and naked, that wouldn’t prevent it from working properly.

Moto X Griffin Navigation Dock 

You may protect the screen of your device with new Motorola screen protectors that come for $14.95 (anti-glare and plain old clear screen protectors) and $19.95 (shock-absorbing film set” that “protects your screen from breakage).

Moto X Screen Protectors

Moto X Cases. There are two options to choose from. The first one is a $29.95 Snap Case made of plastic and the second model is a $34.95 Pro Shell version. Both cases have rubberized plastic frames, so you shouldn’t worry about the durability.

Moto X Cases

Motorola is already selling screen protectors for the Moto X smartphone while the PowerDock Griffin, the Navigation Dock and cases will start retailing a bit later.

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