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Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumored to Feature 440ppi Display

Samsung is expected to blow the market with its Samsung Galaxy S IV thanks to its high-resolution display. The device is rumored to have a 5in 440ppi Super AMOLED display with Full HD resolution. Some reports have already suggested that rumors are likely to be true, and Samsung may launch the handset with the best ever display on the market. 

New Marketing Chief at HTC

At the moment famous company HTC is under financial downturn. Due to these circumstances, company has hired another marketing chief.  The post of previous chief officer John Wang, was taken by Benjamin Ho. Before joining HTC, he was the vice president at FarEasTone and chief marketing officer at Motorola.  The previous chief Mr. Wang did not explain the reason of 

New Smartphone HTC J Butterfly Has Been Revealed in Tokyo

Rumors about the new HTC Android based smartphone started to ooze out since the last month. Today the information has been proven true as the brand new smartphone called HTC J Butterfly has been unveiled in Japan. The device has been officially presented at the specially arranged press conference in Tokyo and it seems to be the most interesting and 

HTC HD7 Featuring Windows Phone 7

HTC's new handset will run Windows Phone 7 OS. It will face competitors like Apple’s iPhone that dominates the market at the present moment. However there is plenty of hope for this particular phone because it was well designed....
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