FIFA 14 for Android Freemium Download: FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, Online Multiplayer and More

We’ve been anxiously waiting for FIFA 14 release, and finally this day has come! Soon after EA Sports launched the updated soccer title on iOS, FIFA 14 reaches Android devices as well. Commonly it takes a couple of weeks (if not months) for a new title to reach Google Play after it becomes available on iTunes. Since September 24th, the updated soccer title is available for freemium download from Amazon Appstore as well as Google Play.

Among the key FIFA 14 features the new soccer title for Android boats, we may highlight the following:

  • For the first time on mobile ever, the full game commentary is available in 5 languages: English, French, German. Italian, and Spanish
  • You are free to choose between 34 authentic stadiums
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • New control system designed for specifically for touch devices
  • A new game of the week feature
  • The much-talked-of FIFA Ultimate Team mode
  • As of now, FIFA 14 is the only soccer title that has real players from real teams and leagues (English Premier League, the Spanish La Lige, the German Bundeslige)

The freemium download of popular titles continues gaining popularity nowadays. FIFA 14 for Android is no exception. FIFA 14 freemium download lets you try how the title runs on your smart devices for free, and then offers you to purchase in-app upgrades. Many of us don’t like freemium downloads as they spoil the general impression about the game. But that is not the case with FIFA 14 for Android. Even if you don’t want to pay extra, you will be able to enjoy the game at full without in-app purchases.

FIFA 14 for Android freemium download will give you access to the online multiplayer mode, the new game of the week mode as well as FIFA Ultimate Team mode. With an in-app purchase you will get access to manager mode, tournaments as well as kick off, i.e. a quick way to get to friendly matches.

To download FIFA 14 for Android, you will need to have about 1.3 GB of free storage. In case you want to download some additional content including the commentary, you will need to have even more free space.

FIFA 14 for Android is already available for freemium download from Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

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  • Jubelum

    When I saw that fifa 14 came out I was amazed so I installed it, and believe once you install this it gets stuck and won’t install. To prove it read the other opinions

  • Law

    Need your help. My ultimate team was hacked after I spent $80 on packs and they took all my players and all my money from me

    • MobileCat

      Try fifa mobile > pes

  • MikeJR

    We must uninstall and download again…?

    • MobileCat

      If you already have the obb file, then download only the modded apk, uninstall your previous apk, and then install modded apk

  • pujan shrestha

    Dont have online features in my samsung s2. What should I do. ? This is me out please