Android Upgrades Zite App

Zite, the Android app, has recently announced changes that might lead to decreasing the number of devices it might be compatible with. A personalized tablet magazine Zite, that was previously available for both tablets and phones, informed that it won’t be working with devices with screens larger than 10 inches. The app developers also point that they made some modified features to the service like including enhanced options and bug fixing. The tablet magazine won’t be compatible with large screen devices as the CEO informs that they had mistakenly enabled the service for both tablets and phones. It is obvious that the format of the magazine is hardly convenient and easy to read via the small display devices.

The personalized magazine was launched in March; nevertheless it still doesn’t have an official Android tablet app. Zite app was developed for smartphones and some experts claim that it has enough technical abilities to run large screen devices. The service employees say that 7-inch tablets like the Nexus 7 are the last in the list of compatible devices, so it is obvious that the app won’t be working on some other Android powered tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. There are some questions about the future of the tablet magazine and the date it will be powered for the bigger size Android powered tablets. The officials from Android point that the company is mainly focused on creating the most improved Android phone app. CEO of Zite informs that the company will be ready to release the fully functional version for smartphones soon.

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