IMDb App Update for Android and iOS Brings Movie Ticket Purchases and More

Popular online movie database IMDb has rolled out an update for users of its Android and iOS app, bringing with it a number of new features, including the ability to buy tickets for specific showings at local theaters, though currently it’s only for US-based users.

A tie-up with ticket seller Fandango has made the feature possible, though it does of course mean a transaction fee will be added to the cost of a ticket.

Other tweaks include more celebrity biographies and, for iPad and iPhone users, a Search via Amazon Mobile option on title pages (the Amazon Mobile app is required for this).

Considering Amazon bought IMDb way back in 1998, it’s kind of surprising this option wasn’t added earlier.

Also, it’s now really simple to add the release date of an upcoming movie to your calendar app. Just tap on the Coming Soon bar above the name of the movie and you’ll be taken to your calendar app with the information already filled in as an event. Before confirming you want to add it to your calendar, you also have the chance to set up an alert.

The usual performance improvements – these ones “to help pages scroll more smoothly and responsively” – have also been included in the update.

Like its website, the free IMDb apps – which besides its movie database include IMDb Buzz (movie news) and IMDb Trivia (movie quiz) – enjoy widespread use among movie fans, with 75 million downloads across a number of platforms since the first one was released four years ago. Its database comprises more than 130 million entries and includes more than two million movies, TV and entertainment programs, as well as information on over four million cast and crew members.

You can pick up the Android version of IMDb here and the iOS version here.

Source: DigitalTrends

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