Review of WiFi Analyzer for Android

Wi-Fi problems are something that most smartphone users deal with on a daily basis. While most other computer problems can be solved with a little patience and diligence, this network dilemma often goes unanswered. A new Android app named WiFi Analyzer is a great way to take care of all your Wi-Fi problems.

In an ideal world a router should be capable of sifting through the various frequencies to connect you through one which is the least crowded. However, this is rarely the case and most of us end up using Channel no.6 which is crowded to the rafters while the other channels languish. The app would give you a graphic display of the clutter in various channels helping you to manually select one which is the least crowded.

The app also lets you know the relative strength of the things crowding a network. Thus, even if a channel has a lot of weak things going on you could use it pretty effectively. Again something that should be ideally taken care of by a router but rarely is. The only gripe here is the app has a tendency to push you towards Channel 14 which is illegal in most parts of the world.

The app also allows you to check the signal strength and provides an alert whenever the strength goes too low. This is a great feature that would help you find out those places in your home which have really low signal strength. Moving the router a bit can often take care of this problem. Time based analysis is also possible which could let you know if there is a hardware problem or if a microwave is creating havoc with your connectivity. The app definitely looks a little intimidating to begin with but a little practice and you should be a pro in deciphering the various networking problems. A definite must have for all Android phones to make Wi-Fi problems a thing of the past.

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