RIM Thinks About Splitting the Company

RIM (Research in Motions) is seriously thinking about the dividing its handset production from its messaging network and selling it up. Facebook and Amazon were declared as potential buyers. Another possible way to save the company is to sell a big share to a huge technological company like Microsoft.

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  • Justice

    Dear RIM,

    Beggars can’t be choosers. Good luck. Here’s hoping you can fetch some multiple higher than an image sharing services whose primary technology is allowing a user to apply a dozen or so colored filters to their pictures.

  • future-ex-pc-user

    Part of me thinks it is a brilliant idea to allow people to use iOS, Android, and Windows Phone to connect to the BES and, I know a ton of people that want the Blackberry Messenger on their non-Blackberry Smartphone… However, services like this are a short term solution when you consider that the BES is being assaulted by MS, and most of the other carriers are working towards unified messenger clients of their own.

    • ImacheSlala

      Making BES work on other platforms IS probably the only solution they have to survive. But as you said, it is only a temporary solution.

      If they make the switch and continue to sit in their fat azzes expecting to survive with the brand name alone, they will still die a horrible death. They will have to innovate, and constantly improve the service to make it more appealing than the competition. They will have to step up the game and stay ahead of the competition. They can’t afford to be a me-too company always late to the game.

  • emulator

    Software that enables corporations to embrace BYOD will be highly popular and profitable. Compared to that, taking on Samsung in handset manufacturing is downright stupid. If RIM sells their hardware business, they can position themselves as a neutral third party (“We support all major mobile devices on all the major carriers”) in the device-management & security space. There will be demand for that from companies that want to avoid lock-in, whether from device suppliers or wireless carriers.

  • Jacksons

    Egyptians had pyramids. The Aztecs had pyramids. Therefore, the Egyptians worshipped Quetzalcoatl.

    How about comparing RIM to GOOD. Good was a direct competitor to RIM. They now find themselves as a successful mobile management software company.

    Let’s not write RIM off, no matter how gleefully you wish them to fail.

    • markw10

      Yep and, the Blackberry techs are pulling a Novell on Good! Basically, they nudge people towards a corporate provided Blackberry as opposed to using their own phones.

  • ivan

    Just stop selling the crappy phones and just concentrate on providing services that work on any device. Don’t waste time spinning off …. save the money and make the service generic / cross platform

  • Kenneth

    If Blackberry goes under. What’s going to happen to all those medical devices???

    I mean Blackberry bought QNX in a bid to save themselves. QNX makes firmwares for various medical devices.

  • InactionMan

    I thought RIM’s business *was* handsets. So now, instead of innovating and updating their products to something people would actually buy, they want to sell that dead dog? And keep BBM as their only “product”? What company is going to want to buy their dying handset division? Sounds like there’s more to the story that’s not being said.

  • Aroparmapall

    Hmm, am no huge BB fan but this might prove a good strategy in the long term. I can’t help but remember how IBM managed to turn its fortunes around when it sold of its hardware division a few years ago and focused on consulting/enterprise solutions.

  • ameldrum1

    hat would a split do to their shares?

  • Capnbob

    was a blackberry fan and loved my playbook now after 5 months it wont turn on anymore. My hb has had the same issues with his. but it wont charge. there is no store you can go to get them to fix it. wasted 400 bucks buying the 2 of them

  • ltcommander.data

    RIM rest in peaces. You can pull them out of the oven because they are DONE !