Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Durability Shown in Galaxy Note 3 Drop Test Video

After the much-talked-of new Samsung phablet became available in a number of countries worldwide, with other markets still anticipating it to arrive in the nearest future, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 drop test video has already leaked on the Web. To be honest, the results are rather impressive….

It’s become a common practice to test the durability of the newly released devices recently. The last time we saw new smartphones getting dropped and plunged into water was about a week ago when the gadget insurance company SquareTrade Inc. decided to check how durable the Moto X, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S and 5C are. And to our great amusement, the Moto X was crowned the king of durability. Now it’s high time to check the Galaxy Note 3 durability in the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 drop test video.

In the Android Authority video, the new Samsung phablet is being dropped from the height of about 5 feet for three times. The video starts off by dropping the Note 3 on its back. The phablet survives the first drop test pretty well, except some minor scratches on the rear camera mound.

Next comes the drop from the same height, but this time the phablet lands right on its bottom edge. What we see after picking up the phone is that there are plenty of scratches and the rear panel has come away slightly. But that is not the issue. As you may see on the video above, it just needs pushing the rear back in place and the phablet will keep on functioning like nothing had happened.

And the last but not the least is dropping the phablet right on its display. As you see, the screen is completely shattered. When turning the phablet on, it’s still working pretty good. So, you may keep on using the device if you are not afraid of cutting your fingers.

How do you think, is the phablet worth your money after watching the Galaxy Note 3 drop test video? Do you still want to buy this guy? Share with us in comment below and follow the latest ImSoMobile updates on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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  • MobileManny

    I want to see drop test on the new iPhone devices to see the diffrence …

    • MobileCat

      Follow the link to see
      iPhone 5c vs. iPhone 5s vs. Moto X vs. Samsung S4 durability test