Samsung Flexi-Screen Phone Galaxy Note 3 Active Release. Galaxy Note 3 Pricing and Availability

For the first time rumors about new Samsung flexible displays appeared about a year ago. Do you remember our Samsung flexi screen news posted back in January? Now we are getting back to this topic to share its price tag, specs as well as availability.

The official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 announcement was made at IFA . That it when the company revealed the device would become available starting from September 25th. But that is not the date when Samsung flexi-screen phone is to see the light of day.

Also, there were rumors the Galaxy Note 3 would launch in 4 hardware version. That could be true, as at IFA we saw two versions of the device presented: the Snapdragon 800 model and the Exynos Octa one. Though Samsung hasn’t officially revealed it yet, a low-end model with a traditional LCD display and 8MP camera might be launched by the end of the year as well.

Higher Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Limited Edition launch is set for November, with no exact release date specified. According to the Asian Daily, Samsung flexi-screen phone won’t differ from other devices a lot, it will be as solid as ever. The main prerogative of such a screen is that it is malleable and should be virtually unbreakable. Most likely, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active will boast such a feature.

Why a limited edition, you will ask? Since a flexible screen is a rather new technology, Samsung won’t be able to start a mass production of such gadgets, hence the limited quantity. Following the rumor that the company will launch its first flexi-screen phone this November already, we might learn more about its additional features and price tag in the nearest future already.

Getting back to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that is produced in a much bigger quantity than the flexi-screen phone, let us highlight the key features the Note 3 boasts.

  • Display: 5.7-inch 1080p Full HD
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
  • Memory: 3GB of RAM
  • Internal storage: 32GB/64GB
  • Battery: 3200mAh
  • OS: Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • Cameras: 13 MP rear + 2 MP front
  • Video: Ultra HD

Galaxy Note 3 Advantages

  • With the Action Memo you can handwrite a note and automatically convert it into a formatted content. In addition, the Action Memo can be used for adding to contacts, looking up the address on a map, saving tasks to the to-do list, surfing the Web, and more.
  • With the Screen Write feature you may capture the full screen image of the current page and then write addition information on the image.
  • Pen Window lets you use the S pen not only for writing notes or drawing scratches, but also for opening a small app window like YouTube, Browser and what not without pausing activity on the current screen.
  • Multitasking. You can now toggle between the apps without closing a window and opening a new one.
  • Drag and Drop feature allows you to literally drag and drop text os images from one window to another with ease.
  • I guess the design of the new smartphone is worth special attention. The Note 3 comes with a leather-feel casing, which turns the device into a physical diary, according to Samsung.

To learn more about the Galaxy Note 3 specs watch the review video below.

When is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Coming Out, Carriers and Pricing

The UK market is the first to welcome Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in its stores. Since yesterday, the device is available for purchase from Samsug’s own stores, with the price tag of £625. Alongside with the Galaxy Note 3, another much anticipated device – the Galaxy Gear smartwatch – made its debut at at Samsung’s flagship Stratford City Westfield store.

So, among the carries that will offer the Note 3 in the UK, we may name the following:

  • EE will carry the LTE model on its 4G network. The price tag makes up £149.99 on a 24 month £31 price plan. Choosing the latter you will get 2GB data, unlimited calls and texts.
  • O2 offers you to purchase the phone of its refreshed plan starting from £12 and going up to £27. The cost of the phone will be added to your monthly tariff. For instance, your monthly tariff makes up £27 and the monthly fee for the handset is £25, so in total it makes up £52 a month.
  • Vodafone has not started carrying the handset as of yet, however the carrier is planning to start retailing the novelty in the nearest future. Rumor has it the device will work on its 4G network.
  • SIM-free UK retailer Unlocked-mobiles is also offering the Galaxy Note 3, with pre-orders having already started (£598.97). the delivery is set for September 29th.

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  • Aurora

    I bought my Note 3 about a week ago…I would have preferred the Active version, instead

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    I want to have a phone with flexi display so much! But it looks like it would be damaged too easily …