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O2 to Retail Google Nexus 4 Exclusively

O2 is reported to have signed the deal with Google to sell its Google Nexus 4 in O2's retail stores exclusively. The carrier will have a head start over its rivals....

Vodafone’s New Strategy Allows Users to "Switch" Smartphones Annually

A leasing service for mobile devices was Vodafone’s new attempt to drive in more tech and gadget lovers to their company. The leasing service strategy will allow Vodafone’s subscribers to “switch” or replace their smartphones for a new one every 12 months. The company’s latest effort was aimed to entice consumers who want to own the latest fad of smart 

O2 and HTC Will Get Rid of the Mains Adapter

A well-known smartphone producer HTC and mobile network O2 aren’t going to use the mains charger any longer, so this accessory won’t come bundled with mobile devices. The matter is that most smartphones sold in Europe make use of a micro-USB port for charging their batteries and data transfer. To put that another way a charger for one mobile device