O2 Financial Report for Q3

O2 has added 206,000 new contract customers in the last three months. Despite this impressive increase in client base, the company showed a more than 5 % decline in its revenue. The revenue declined by 5.3 % in comparison with the previous quarter and by 5.4 % as compared with 2011. The number of contract customers added in the quarter saw a 127 % increase on a year on year basis. The first nine months of also saw a decent increase in contract customers as the company added 679000 clients which was an increase of 155 % in comparison with the last year.

The company boasts of a total of 22.5 million users, 11.6 million of which are contract customers. The latter make up 52 % of the total customer pie for O2. The company was not as good at retaining its prepaid clients as 95,000 prepaid customers left O2. However, this number is much less that the whopping 393000 pre pay customers who walked out of EE.  O2 earned revenue of 1.4222 billion pounds in the current quarter while the revenue from the previous two quarters stood at 4.248 billion pounds. This figure shows a decline of 5.6 % as opposed to the first nine month revenues of the previous year.

The number of O2 users using smartphones was 44 % at the end of September. This is an 8 % increase from the figures at the same time the last year. The On&On smartphone tariffs offered by the company are being held responsible for this increased penetration. 89 % of the devices sold by the company in the first two quarters consisted of smartphones. Mobile service revenues also increased by 0.3 % year on year for the company reaching 1.244 billion. The first two quarters saw a reduction of 9.6 % in the mobile service revenues.

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