O2 Offers New Refresh Tariff

The UK mobile industry seems to have a number of significant issues. The thing is that network operators fail to provide people with upfront cost of smartphones, which is paired with really long and expensive contracts. Thus, the “free of charge” phones are becoming a cornerstone of this industry in the country. However, the new O2 Refresh tariff will be able to become a possible solution of this problem. A representative of the company has made a statement that it will be a tariff, which will make contracts a lot more transparent.

The thing it that everyone is aware that the cost of a 2-year smartphone contract can cover the cost of texts, calls, and data, as well as the hardware, which isn’t cheap at all. However, all people are highly interested in what manner the amounts are split among months. Thus, in contrast to usual tariffs, the O2 Refresh one seems to be a lot more open. The initial contract is split into an Airtime Plan and a Phone Plan. For instance, a person is able to pay £20-a-month for a handset for 2 years, afterwards £17-a-month for unlimited minutes, texts, and for 1GB data plan.

What is more, a user is able to pay out a Phone Plan, sell the device, or give it to somebody else. Then a user is able to purchase a new smartphone from O2 or he/she can opt for a SIM free handset. The Airtime Plan can be cancelled with a 30-day notice, or switched to another available plan if necessary. Certainly, these aren’t serious changes, but the contracts are clearer, have more transparency, which is certainly good news. The new tariff will be available on April 16.

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