First Android 4.4 Nexus 8 Leak Photo Appeared on the Official Android Site

Should we expect a new Android 4.4 Nexus tablet to see the light of day in the nearest future? This is the question the majority of Google fans are seeking to find an answer to. As it turned out, the excitement is not groundless.

Everything started from the new leak that first appeared on the official Android website. If you visit the Apps & Entertainment promotional page and scroll down, you will see the image of a woman sitting at the table holding an 8-inch tablet in her hands. Taking into consideration that Google never reveals “generic” photos of the devices that don’t exist, we may assume that we are now dealing with the company’s next big development – the Nexus 8.

If you take a closer look at the photo, you’ll see that the device is running the Android 4.4 (judging by the white icons in the status bar), with some on-screen navigation buttons on the display. As per its design, the bezels are rather narrow, which differs the new leak from the Nexus 7.

To point out that the tablet the woman on the leak image is holding is not the recently launched Nexus 7, there is one more image posted on the website showing a girl with the company’s current mid-sized tablet flagship, which seems to be a bit smaller than the Nexus 8 but about of the same thickness. No other details about the upcoming Android 4.4 Nexus tablet have been revealed as of yet.

As of now, there is no information about the Nexus 8 pricing or the possible availability date. All we known is that the new tablet might come as a replacement of the Nexus 10. People now prefer buying mid-size tablets and phablets that are rather affordable and boast better viewing experience as well as portability. Let’s hope that the new Android 4.4 Nexus 8 tablet will meet our expectations.

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  • hardeeharhar

    Nexus 8 looks cool. Wouldn’t mind having this alongside my Note 8

  • Keda

    I would be very disappointed if the Nexus 10 is replaced by an 8 inch tablet!!! That’s not much difference from the Nexus 7 in screen size. I enjoy the screen real estate I get with the nexus 10.

  • Justin

    Nexus devices just won’t seem worth it to me until monthly plans get more grip. I’m still well into a contract, but I hope by the end of monthly plans are standard. Tmobile is terrible near me, and Att/Verizon’s “monthly” plans are still a joke.