All-New Google Nexus 7 Commercials Show Benefits of Using Nexus 7 Tablets

I love Google ads. Unlike the rest of our modern commercials, these are always unique and depict products in the most unexpected way. Two new Nexus 7 commercials are no exception.

On October 15th, Google released it’s all-new Nexus 7 commercials, two months after the original made its official debut on YouTube. Both of them show the benefits of using Google Now search, which will always provide you with necessary information in the most extreme situations.

The first ad “Google Nexus 7: Study Hall” lasts for 15 seconds only. The new Nexus 7 commercial plays on the difficulty of college life. Among the features the ad is showing off you will see the all-new textbook rental in Google Play Books app as well as the ability to search for 24 hour coffee shops with Maps. It’s never late to have a cup of coffee. Watch Google Nexus 7: Study Hall commercial below.

Another ad dubbed “Google Nexus 7: Best Friend” will play on your feeling. If you love pets, especially dogs, you will definitely enjoy it. The ad starts with the same student playing games on his Nexus 7 tablet when he receives a Hangout message saying that his dog is not feeling OK. Without hesitating, the student packs his bag and leaves. It’s rainy outside and while he is sitting at the bus stop, Google Now search informs him that because of the storm his flight is cancelled and tells to catch a train instead. Watch Google Nexus 7: Best Friend commercial below.

In such a way, Google shows the key reasons to choose Nexus 7 tablets, which will come in handy in the toughest situations. I love the Nexus 7 commercial featuring a puppy and what about you?

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  • Kishan

    These two are cute but sad at the same time. Way to make me feel down in the afternoon …