Nokia is Suffering from Windows Phone 8 Update

The fact that Microsoft decided to prevent Window Phones of older versions from upgrading drags Nokia’s Lumia reputation and popularity down. Windows Phone 8 platform is good-looking and it is a pity that those who have bought Windows handsets more than two years ago would not be able to check it, according to the decision made by Microsoft.

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  • Bancho

    Hey……. It “Plays for Sure.”, though right??

    • iDude


      Nokia’s ads were right!

      Their customers were taking part in the largest Beta-Test EVER!

  • jouster

    No Compromise!

  • jasonfj

    Just bought a Lumia 900 a few months ago. Goodbye Microsoft on my next upgrade.

    • Hambleamikale

      Yup now the lumia 900 commercials of being a beta tester can end lol…

    • IonYz

      Ok. If you even own a lumina, you probably got it for $49. Get over it. Or go buy an iphone, Siri would love to hear from you.

  • Chucker

    Windows Phone 7.8 for legacy devices will have lots of WP8 features. Not much different from iOS on older devices like the 3GS

    • alliance

      Except for the part where the 3GS is THREE YEARS OLD.
      Oh, if you want to choose the original iPad, it’s TWO years old. Still a hell of a lot better than most–all, actually–WP7 devices.

    • grahamw

      Agreed. I don’t understand all of this outrage. How many Android phone pre-2.0 received the update to Eclair? Next to none. How many Gingerbread tablets received Honeycomb… or Honeycomb to Ice Cream Sandwich. What OS is the GSII running a year later? I’ve pretty sure it’s not ICS. When you buy an Android phone you have to expect it to be outdated in 6 months. The fact that MS said it would support all new phones for at least 18 months is huge.

  • ABreemaalaloub

    Other than Hardware related features… what will the legacy phones miss. Before you call us “Shafted” can you please explain? Or is this another iOS fan boy comparison?

    • JimDreamworx

      Definately another iOS fan boy comparison.

  • Feynman

    Why would Lumia 900 need multiprocessor and higher resolution support? That’s why it doesn’t need Windows 8.

    WP 7.8 offers a new start screen. Lumia 900 owners will get it unless your carrier doesn’t allow it.

    • bartfat

      Maybe if it did, it would be upgradeable! How’s that obsolete hardware treating you now?

  • Archipellago

    I wonder if Nokia will run a commercial this Fall saying the Windows Phone Beta Test is over.

    • alandail

      By this fall, they wont have the money to take out an ad.