Nokia Lumia 900 Suffers from Bad Timing

Cutting the price by half to the newest model Nokia Lumia 900 wasn’t enough to make it worth buying and to outstand from the other modern smartphones. The reason for that is the inability of Windows Phone device to be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 which is to be launched later this year. The new operating system combines the experience and best technologies from a phone, PC, and a tablet, so it would be a completely different process.

The present Windows Phones are quite good and they might get some features of the next version like the similar look but unfortunately they won’t be able to have as powerful operating system as Windows Phone 8 has. Nokia’s flagship phone is in an uncomfortable position after the wide announcing about its release a little earlier, it has no surprising and capturing the breathe features that might attract smartphone consumers right now.

The latest information from the Finnish mobile company says that sales numbers for Lumia 900 exceeded the developers’ expectations and now we are waiting for the result from the second quarter of the year. According to some experts’ opinions, the numbers would be worse than Nokia expects.

Nokia has two powerful rivals like HTC’s One X and Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S III that are competing on the same market line as Lumia 900. Nokia has cut the price from $99,99 to $49,99 too early and it faces that the company simply tries to get out of excess stock. So before purchasing the new Nokia Lumia 900 one should think thoroughly and decide if it is worth to buy it.

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