Motorola Project Ara Is Future of Smartphones?


“Project Ara is developing a free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. We want to do for hardware what the Android platform has done for software.”

Considering a great variety of innovations nowadays, people may reach the conclusion that technology has come to a head. 10 years ago a smartphone was the cherished dream of many, but time moves on and technology makes headways almost every day. Now we see that its way is boundless, it’s always possible to find WHAT and HOW to improve.

Motorola, working with Phonebloks, is going to create its own smartphones dubbed Project Ara, so what future Motorola phones will look like?

What is Phonebloks?

Phonebloks is a new concept for smartphones. It’s a great solution to prolong your phone life, thus to make a phone worth keeping! A modern smartphone is almost impossible to repair or upgrade, but detachable parts of phoneblocks could be replaced if something breaks and the problem could be solved with least costs – you shouldn’t buy a new phone, just replace a detail!

Why people need module smartphones?

The answer is clear! Module smartphones will give us, users, an opportunity to upgrade our phones to the full. What can we change in our smartphones now? Only some details – battery, cover, for example, but it’s impossible to change processor and display. Thus, future Motorola phones so-called modular smartphones would give a huge number of hardware solutions.

I am not sure that the idea of Motorola Project Ara has a future, but the abovementioned arguments sound solid. Will see…

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  • Londor

    I think the concept is really good, but needs really a lot of time to come true and get on the market.