T-Mobile Refuses Giving LTE to Samsung Galaxy S3

An astonishing situation has been noticed these days on the US smartphone market, concerning the new cell phone by the Samsung Company – Samsung Galaxy S3. The phone has two modifications according to the volume of internal memory alailable in it – the 16GB one, and the 32GB. The trick was that the Verizon, as well as the Sprint, sell the 16GB model at the price of $199,99, as decent net carriers are obliged to do.

T-Mobile, on the contrary, has established the price of $269,99, claiming it to be the price after a $50 discount. They gave a certain argument to their actions – as long as the product is really highly demanded, then, taking the limited supplies into consideration, they might artificially increase the prices for the good. It all happened despite the fact that Sprint and Verizon stores have enough supplies of Galaxy S3 to saturate their customers, thus making the claim of T-Mobile something fantastic and imaginary.

And these days the chief spokesman of T-Mobile has officially declared that Samsung Galaxy SIII will not support T-Mobile’s new 3GPP Long Term Evolution network, or the LTE, aimed at creating a new standard of data transfer. However, he added, the Samsung Galaxy S3 users still have the good old HSPA+ 42, which is considered by the professionals to be faster that the Sprint’s analogue 4G WiMax. The question that still remains actual for the consumers all over the US smartphone market is probably the following: is there any sense in buying Samsung Galaxy S3 at the T-Mobile then?    

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