Samsung YouTube Video Teases ‘Just for You’ Smartphone with Galaxy Gear Dec. 9 Announcement

Samsung’s latest ‘Just for You’ YouTube video teases something elegant, fast, simple, and something just for you. Though there is no indication of what the gadget that appears in the 22 second video clip should be, we may suggest that the company is getting ready for the release of its new smart device. Could it be the Galaxy S5?

The short video clip does not reveal much about the novelty. All we know is that it should be just fit, just simple, just elegant, and just fast, with reference to LTE. Most likely, the new device will have an aluminum body, a camera on its rear (similar to the latest Samsung offers), the volume button located on the right side, with the microUSB port on the button. The ‘Just for You’ video doesn’t point to the dimensions of the upcoming Samsung device, though it reveals that it should be rather slim and elegant. Does it mean it would be pocket-friendly and light? That is rather doubtful as it should have an aluminum body.

Another gadget that appears in the video is Samsung Galaxy Gear, which is teased to be announced on December 9th. Taking into consideration that both gadgets appear in the short ‘Just for You’ video clip, we may assume that the upcoming device is to be compatible with the smart watch.

Unfortunately, that is all we may suggest at the moment. Maybe after the Galaxy Gear announcement Samsung will reveal more information about the device we saw in the “Just for You” video. We’ll follow this story, so stay tuned!

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