Presented New iPhone 6 Concepts: Larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Curved Screen Rumors

Many of us have already bought one of the latest Apple iPhone 5 models and now the tech world is consciously waiting for the fruit company to present its new product – the iPhone 6. Rumors about the development of this new device started circling around about half a year ago, when the iPhone 5S and 5C did not even see the light of day. Numerous iPhone 6 concepts have hit the web, showing what the new smartphone might feature and which changes in terms of design it might have. Today we are glad to present you the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6C (yes, you heard it right!) concepts.

Back is November, presented its iPhone 6 commercials, revealing the possible design of the new phone. According to the source, the upcoming smartphone might be called the iPhone Air (following Apple’s tradition of naming its iPad devices), boast a very light, slim, and elegant design. The iPhone Air is expected to be the slimmest Apple device we’ve ever seen, measuring 1.5mm at the top and 3 mm at the base, 13mm high and 6mm wide, weighing 70g only! Isn’t that a wonder? While such rumors are still to be confirmed, let’s take a look at the iPhone 6 TV commercial and enjoy the grace of this gear.

As the iPhone 6 commercial shows, the new device is expected to be about three times thinner than the current iPhone 5S, come with the Touch ID sensor, and run Apple’s iOS 7. We’ve heard some rumors about the plans of Cupertino company to launch new devices running iOS 8, but such information is not likely to be true. iOS 7 needs a number of improvements and we all know that. So, the launch of iOS 8 iPhone 6 is nothing but a rumor.

The iPhone 6 Curved screen phone is to be a replacement for the current iPhone 5S. Report goes the device might increase up to 5.5 inches and come with enhanced sensors that should detect different finger pressure levels on the screen. Whether such information is true is still to be checked. We are expecting the iPhone 6 Curved screen phone to be released somewhere in September, following Apple’s tradition of launching its new smartphones.

Another concept video we are going to discuss today is the iPhone 6C commercial. According to, Apple is to release another series of colored phones, like the iPhone 5C, but with a bit curved design. We all know that LG and Samsung are working on the first curved OLED smartphones development. Apple might go further and launch a device with curved screen and body. The iPhone 6 Curved screen phone is to come with a bigger display than its predecessors, with improved sensors that should detect different levels of pressure on the screen. According to Bloomberg, Apple is to announce the iPhone 6C in September , coming as the iPhone 5C replacement. Unlike the iPhone 5, the curved screen iPhone is to grow up to 4,7 inches.

And what do you think the new iPhone 6 models will look like? Would you like to get an Apple smartphone with bigger, curved screen? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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  • Matthew

    I would’ve been SO surprised if Apple didn’t release a curved iPhone!

  • F.F.

    iPhone 6C?! Apple, are you kidding us?