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Line Garners More than 100 Million Users

South Korean Naver Corp has released a messaging app named Line. In 19 months since its launch the app garnered fans across the globe, increasing its user base to more than 100 million. This app is very popular amongst smartphone users in Asia, it is a keen contender for the top spot with other competitors including Tencent’s WeChat and Kakao 

Facebook Launched New Dev Center and Android SDK

It is no secret that Facebook is pushing the envelope to cut the slice of the mobile market. Facebook needs to develop social apps to promote its content and purchase ads. To this end, it needs more developers who will build Facebook-integrated apps. As a result, Facebook decided to revamp its Android SDK and launch a new Android Dev Center. 

An Intern Made a Mobile Advertising Interface for Facebook

Everybody knows that Facebook has managed to build up a team of capable engineers, and now it’s high time to find out how the company finds and encourages talented folks. Recently it became known that an intern named Peter Cottle created Facebook’s first product enabling customers to purchase mobile ad space using their mobile devices....
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