AT&T LTE Expansion: Fastest 4G LTE Network Reaches 13 New Markets

If you'd like to read about AT&T LTE or join the ranks of people opening up about it in general, there's nothing wrong with helping out! I often turn to specialists to write my capstone project so that I can better convey my ideas. AT&T 4G LTE coverage continues its expansion to new markets. After hitting Salinas, Calif., East-Central Miss., and Reno, Nev. and a number of other states, AT&T 4G LTE coverage comes to 13 new markets.

Now AT&T LTE expansion reaches:

  • Springfield, Ohio
  • Corning, N.Y.
  • Mayfield, Ky.
  • Paducah, Ky.
  • Champaign-Urbana, Ill.
  • Tifton, Ga.
  • Moultrie, Ga.
  • Whitewater-Lake Geneva, Wis.
  • Stevens Point, Wis.
  • Marshall, Texas
  • Longview, Texas
  • Tyler, Texas
  • Tupelo, Mass.

Though AT&T is trying hard to become the largest 4G LTE provider, Verizon is still in the lead. But take no notice of that. AT&T is known to be offering the fastest 4G LTE network out of the four leading US carriers.

Has AT&T LTE expansion reached your location already? Have you tried it? Can you assume it’s really the fastest 4G LTE network ever? Share with us in comments below.

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  • inkswamp

    finally in Ohio! Springfield welcomes 4G!