Microsoft Spot Takes on the iPad Mini – Dubiously

The latest Microsoft ad may have the unintended consequence of inviting less-than-favorable comparisons to a Windows 8 tablet.

In an ad rolled out Thursday, Microsoft takes aim at the 7.9-inch iPad Mini with Acer’s 8-inch Iconia W3 – the first small Windows 8 tablet.

Windows enthusiast site Neowin doesn’t think that’s a good idea. “Microsoft targets iPad Mini by highlighting an awful Windows 8 tablet,” its headline reads.

While a CNET review had some good things to say about the Iconia, it added that the tablet is “buggy and held back by shortcuts and lackluster features.”

Other reviews have been less kind. Indeed, another Windows enthusiast site, Supersite for Windows, was blunt, saying the Iconia’s “infuriatingly poor screen and surprising heft relegate this device to also-ran status.”

Needless to say, Microsoft tries to put the Iconia, which sports a full version of Windows 8, in a positive light.

Here’s an excerpt from the ad (in the voice of Apple’s Siri). “Is that Halo? I did not see that coming…You have Outlook and full Office? Wow, you are a real PC.”

Source: CNET

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