The New iPad Means Extra Work for App Developers

Rumours that Apple will make a new smaller iPad seem to be true, which is good news for almost everyone except for those ones who are competing with the brand. If Apple makes a device with the same resolution as the one on the largest iPad this would be good, because apps that can run on it will also be able to run on the smaller iteration. However if it turns out that smaller version has some differences, app developers will need to recompile and redesign their apps so that they will be able to run on it as well. 

According to the rumours chances are that the new device will be a 7-inch tablet, which will mean a new screen size for app developers. This will also mean that new versions of apps, which are available right now, have to be developed so that they are compatible. It’s still not certain whether there will be need for app developers to change anything on their apps, when the rumoured iPad comes out.

Rivals of Apple’s iPad thought of making smaller and less expensive tablets in order to outdo Apple in the market, but now its Apple’s time to regain their marketing edge with their own 7-inch tablet. The current iPad is too big and quite expensive which means some customers will opt for smaller and cheaper alternatives provided by other brands. However, chances are Apple will do what they did with the iPod and make various versions of the iPad so that users have a broader choice. 

On the other hand, some say that Apple might be working on a new larger iPhone that will have a 5-inch screen. In that case app developers won’t need to change their apps in any way. The rumours of a new iDevices seem to become solidified with time, but there is still a chance they might not be true.

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