Windows Phone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S3?

The situation on the smartphone markets is controversial for the moment. The future appearance of the bespoken and highly discussed Windows Phone 8 by different manufacturers might increase the diversity of the gadgets. No wonder that many users are waiting for the blessed moment it appears in the authorized shops. Microsoft, by the way, claimed they have no intention to produce the Windows Phones in the company by themselves, so the produces will all be like Dell, Asus, HTC etc.

Yet we have the already existing leader on the market – Samsung Galaxy S3, a smartphone based on Android 4.0, the latest version for the moment. So is it reasonable to wait for Windows Phone 8 or perhaps it is better to choose the Samsung production?

The basic characteristics of Samsung Galaxy S3 are already familiar – so apparently the correct thing is to enlighten the case with the Windows Phone 8. The first phone to officially unleash the information about the parameters is the future flagship of the HTC One series, the HTC Windows Phone 8. Its codename is for now HTC Zenith, and it is boasting the 4.7 inch Super LCD 2 display, the Qualcomm double-core processing unit, and an 8 megapixel camera. The frequency of the device’s CPU is presumably 1.7GHz, at least for now. The high-end of the lineup might have slightly better characteristics as well. So this was the information necessary for you to compare and finally make your decision whether the upcoming Windows Phone 8 is really worth waiting for.

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  • justflybob

    supposing the mandel is based off of the S3 shell, why did they not release it?

    • frawgz

      Wait for Windows Phone 8? Crowded market for a launch? Didn’t want to steal the SG3′s thunder? Samsung couldn’t finish it in time?

      Honestly, the potential reasons are endless.

    • Capnbob

      I am certain they will release something like it in October with LTE for all carriers.

      Update: Except maybe Sprint because they seem to be 100% in bed with Google.

  • cubs23

    I really believe Samsung would do well to incorporate all the software tech it showed off today for the GSIII into ALL of its phones, regardless of platform.

    In fact, this is even more important in succeeding with Windows Phone, where the UI is pretty much uniform across manufacturers. Consistent UX enhancements across all its devices would help define the brand as something beyond just another OEM.

  • Applebaum

    What if the Galaxy S3 is actually built off the design of the Mandel? Lol. Samsung seems to be copying HTC lately and using one design for everything (though HTC has somewhat stopped that now).

    • BerberCarpet

      Well, they’re probably co-developed at the same time though Sammy probably didn’t want to spoil the SG3 reveal by releasing it on Windows Phone first.

      The SG3 had been expected a few months ago so seeing as it was pushed back it may have caused the Mandel to be pushed back too.

  • Brendon

    Talk about lazy.

  • kneelbeforezod

    It actually looks like the Samsung Galaxy Blaze from T-Mobile to me.

  • bborofka

    This looks like samsung focus

  • Gambit

    I think it’s a good looking phone.

    • macaddict

      They were designed either concurrently or at least around the same time! To me, it shows that Samsung was pretty serious about Windows Phone, but has now realized that Android has precedence.

  • digitalclips

    It’s just another low end device for WP…