ZooZ Working With MobiCart on the New Mobile Payment Platform

A mobile payment system ZooZ that works with PayPal, credit cards and carrier billing decided to start collaborating with MobiCart that allows the users to create m-commerce apps on Android and iOS. MobiCart is known to support almost 40 various shopping carts on mobile devices and now ZooZ is joining the cooperation. According to Oren Levy, ZooZ CEO, the company is going to enter the U.S. market and is preparing to come up with the A Series.

ZooZ is an Israel-based company and Levy will be in the States in the nearest future, trying to find a place for the new office and talking with investors. The company is making its best to achieve the significant results in mobile security, so that it will not loose to desktop-based versions.

Levy says that there is no unified schemes that regulate the work of m-commerce applications. That is why it is almost impossible to find out the security level of the app before it makes a mistake. Such things as VeriSign seal exist only for desktop versions and so ZooZ is going to raise the mobile security to the new level.

The company introduced an in-app SDK that gives the users the possibility to convert the currency and removes the limitation on the carts. SDK works on iOS, Android and supports HTML5. The company works on adding the options that will allow connecting to Google Wallet and Amazon. ZooZ’s main source of profit is the transaction fee, that is 2,8 percent + 0,19 dollars for a successful operation.

ZooZ campaign began in March and now more than 1.500 developers work on the project.

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